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Want to be Healthy for Spring? Incorporate AirAnswers into your Healthy Living Routine

Don’t let Exercise-Induced Asthma keep you from doing the things you love.

Don’t let Exercise-Induced Asthma keep you from doing the things you love.

For most of us, healthy living is extremely important, especially if you have allergies and asthma. Each new season gives us a chance to start our quest to be the healthiest version of ourselves all over again. It’s pretty easy to get off track though. We’ve all been there! Thankfully, Spring gives us a new opportunity and the motivation to do some Spring cleaning in our homes and other areas of our lives. Spring is the perfect time to donate those old clothes, organize those cabinets and think about new ways to improve our health! After all, we all know the basics:

  • Eat a balanced diet    
  • Exercise regularly
  • Getting enough rest
  • Take a multi-vitamin
  • Visit your doctor annually
  • Give-up smoking (if you are a smoker)

But what about the air in our homes? We spend a lot of time making sure we eat all the right foods and exercise regularly, but have you stopped to think about the allergens in your air and how they could be affecting your health?

Keeping Your Home Healthy

Allergies are among the most chronic conditions worldwide. If you suffer from allergies like a large portion of us, you know all about the sneezing, coughing, runny noses, sinus issues, difficulty breathing, etc. Allergies can severely affect all aspects of your life. Some allergy and asthma sufferers find relief with over the counter meds, others have to take one precaution after another to keep the symptoms at bay. Think about all of the things you do to manage or avoid symptoms, is getting your air tested for the allergens you’re allergic to on that list? How healthy can you really feel when you’re exposed to an abundance of allergens in your home’s air?  

That’s where we come in! AirAnswers makes testing your home for airborne allergens super easy. The air sampling device comes to you in the mail. Just plug the device in for 5 days and send it back. Once your results are ready, we’ll get on a call with you to discuss what allergens we found, how to remove them and keep them out. Allergies are not the same for everyone. Your solutions shouldn’t be either. That’s why we go the extra step to find out what your specific concerns. We’ll help you focus your time and energy on the allergens that matter to you.

"Accurate and comprehensive AirAnswers report allows physicians to quickly address patients relevant airborne allergens."

"A fast, accurate, and actionable report quickly identifying fine particle allergens in my patient’s home completes the picture for the most impactful allergen avoidance strategies."

"Testing with AirAnswers in a specific home where I constantly had allergies helped us pinpoint exactly what was the cause, and what to avoid, and for that I am better, have fewer symptoms and am taking less medicine!"

"Having the ability to quickly know which fine particle allergens are in my patient's homes is an important part of implementing a personalized intervention program."

"A single AirAnswers test in a central location near a return vent can help identify problems in far-reaching areas of a home."

Know your environment.

It’s a new day in the fight against harmful airborne allergens. Get the answers you need.

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